bourbon and burlesque

with Lulu and the Lushes



Bourbon and Burlesque is a burlesque experience in Santa Cruz County unlike any other! Do you enjoy tasting exquisite bourbon? Do you appreciate fantastic burlesque performances? Come satisfy your urges at Bourbon and Burlesque featuring Lulu and the Lushes.

Bourbon and Burlesque was founded in 2017 by Lulu L'Amore. Her passion for bartending, spirits and burlesque were the perfect combination for a great show! She brought the idea to her future second in command, Ms. Beatease LeBoop, a tenured dance instructor and fellow burlesque lover. Her monthly beginning burlesque classes provide some of the pieces in the shows.

Bourbon and Burlesque regularly performs at The Crepe Place in the heart of Santa Cruz, California. The bourbon experience changes each time, where you will be treated to trivia, prizes and expert education from Miss Lulu herself!